Telangana Yantra lakshmi Scheme 2019|Tractor Subsidy SC/ST Application Form

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For the welfare of the Farmers State government of Telangana has launched new scheme. This scheme is launched by the name Telangana Yantra Lakshmi Scheme 2019. Under this scheme, Telangana State government will provide subsidy on the loan of tractors. This scheme will help farmers to buy tractor at very low price. Scheme is also known by the name Farm Mechanization Scheme. State government is offering 50% of subsidy under this scheme to buy tractors.

Also State government will help farmers get their loan from bank to buy tractors under this scheme. Poor farmers still use old equipment for farming, these old equipment’s are not effective anymore. They don’t yield enough crop for themselves. Thus, to help such farmers government has launched this scheme. More details about the scheme such as its applying process, benefits, eligibility criteria etc are been mentioned in the article down below.

Telangana Yantra lakshmi Scheme 2019

As, we all aware of the fact that, farmers in our country are living a miserable life. This is because of the reason that they don’t produce enough crops to sell in the market. Once they will be ale to produce enough crops, their economic condition will improve. To change their condition every government is trying their best and launching various schemes for them. Telangana State government is also doing that, and thus, they launched this scheme for the State farmers. Poor farmers don’t have enough money to buy tractors and other farming equipment.

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Telangana Yantra lakshmi Scheme 2019

Under yantra lakshmi scheme in telangana 2019, such farmers will get loan to buy tractor. Also State government will offer subsidy of about 50% on buying tractors. This will certainly help farmers of the State.  To take the benefit of this scheme, farmers have to apply for it. Farmers who are eligible for the scheme can only apply for this scheme. This important information about the scheme are in article below. This read this article till the end.

Telangana Tractor Subsidy Scheme 2019

  • This Scheme Known As – Yantra Lakshmi Scheme 2019/Farm Mechanization Scheme
  • Related State Name – Telangana
  • This Scheme Launched By – State CM
  • CM Launched This Scheme For – Farmers
  • Scheme Benefits – Subsidy and Loan on Purchasing Tractors.
  • Subsidy Amount – 50%
  • Official Website of Scheme –
  • Budget Of Scheme – Rs 14.89 Crore
  • Purpose Of Scheme – To Increase Income of Farmers
  • Scheme Type – State Government Scheme

This scheme is launched by the Chief Minister of the State. Scheme is launched with one main objective, which is to improve the income of farmers and to reduce their expanses and labour. For this scheme State government has provided a budget of Rs 14.89 crore. State government has already spent rs 3 crore on this scheme. In the year 2018 itself Telangana State government has provided 3,900 tractors to farmers.

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Every farmer who is eligible for the scheme can apply in it, and then take the benefit of this scheme. With the help of tractors farmers will be able to save lot of time and hard work. Under this scheme, State government is also offering subsidy and loan on other farm equipment to farmers. Farmers will get 50% subsidy and also loan from bank to buy these farm equipments and tractors. More details about scheme are down below.

online tractor subsidy telangana Benefits

  1. Farmers and cooperative societies will get 50% of subsidy on purchasing tractor.
  2. For the rest 50% of amount of tractors State government will offer loan to farmers from nationalized banks.
  3. Other than the tractors farmers will get subsidy and loan on the below mentioned equipment as well:
  • Mini Tractors
  • Trans Planters
  • Rotators
  • Trailer
  • Power Weeders
  1. In this scheme, if farmer is buying a tractor of amount Rs 10 Lakh, then they will get subsidy of Rs 5 lakh for it. For the rest Rs 5 lakh amount farmers can apply for loan if he/she wants to. This loan will be provided by the State government from nationalized banks.
  2. Under this scheme, those farmers who are in SC/ST caste category, they will get 100% subsidy on the purchase of trolleys, tractors and other matching equipments.

Yantra Lakshmi Scheme Eligibility criteria

  • This scheme is launched only for the permanent resident of Telangana State.
  • Scheme is only meant for the State farmers.
  • Both individual farmers and their Cooperative societies can apply for this scheme.
  • Farmers with at least 2.51 hectare or 6 acres of land are eligible for this scheme.
  • Under this scheme, priority will be given to small and marginal farmers.

Yantra lakshmi Scheme 2019 Application Form

  1. Those farmers who are eligible for the scheme and are interested in it, they have to fill the application form of the scheme to take its benefits.
  2. To fill the application form of the scheme farmers first have to visit the Zonal Officers or Sub-depot In-charge in the State.
  3. After getting the application form farmers need to fill it carefully with all the right details.
  4. Once you have filled the form attach every asked document with it.
  5. After this you have to submit the application form.
  6. Agriculture Department of Telangana link
  7. Guidelines Farm Mechanization Link

That is everything about Telangana Yantra Lakshmi Scheme 2019 for now. Please let us know about how to feel about this scheme, as your feedback is important. For any further query you can visit its official website and can also ask us in the below provided comment section.


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