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EESL is one of the which is is under the Indian government. The name EESL stands for Energy Efficiency Services Limited. This is one of the organisation which is connected with the Indian government. The main motive of this organisation is to provide electronics items at a a very controlled rate and subsidize rate. They already distribute LED bulbs in all over the India at subsidized rate near about hundred rupees par LED bulb. This is one of the lowest rate of LED bulb, as compared to the other companies. Now EESL and Pradhanmantri narendra Modi starter initiative for distribute air condition at a very low cost. This scheme is known as Pradhan Mantri Modi AC Yojana 2019. Under this Yojana air condition those are very expensive. They will be distributed under the PM Modi AC Yojana at very low cost.

PM Modi AC Yojana 2019

This initiative is is preceded by the company name EESL. This whole government scheme will give benefit to the low income families and Middle Class families. We know that every Indian whose average income is 20 to 30 thousand monthly, they didn’t afford aC at their home. So Government of India start initiative to distribute air condition at a very low and controlled subsidized rates. Start the scheme moment release on notification and the registration will be start soon. The Other motive to start pradhan Mantri Modi Yojana 2019 to save energy. At the time of Summer the power consumption will be increased due to huge demand of electricity. This is due to everyone is using fan, cooler for air condition. Because in the North India the temperature will be we reached upto 50 degree Celsius in the month of June July.

PM Modi AC Scheme 2019

With this scheme government will save 15 to 20% of energy. These conditions having star rating up to 3 star to 5 star. So they will consume less energy and give you a better output. Pradhan Mantri AC Yojana 2019 will be launched in the month of June. The government will start registration for this scheme in this month. But before you need to apply for this, you have to note down the eligibility criteria of this scheme. In a family only one AC will be distributed. According to Government when you will do PM Modi AC Yojana registration online, then the AC will be reached at your home within 15 days. And it will be installed within one month after it will be reached to your house.

PM Modi AC Yojana 2019

दोस्तों आज हम आपको इस पोस्ट में पीएम मोदी एयर कंडीशन योजना, जानकारी लेकर आए हैं. इस योजना को भारत सरकार द्वारा शुरू किया जा रहा है. जिसे की भारत सरकार की कंपनी EESL द्वारा संचालित किया जाएगा। इस योजना के अंतर्गत भारत सरकार भारत की जनता को बहुत ही कम कीमत पर एयर कंडीशन उपलब्ध करवाएगी। जैसे कि आप सबको पता है इस समय गर्मियों के मौसम में, भारत के कई राज्यों में तापमान 45 से 50 डिग्री तक पहुंच जाता है. इसी को देखते हुए सरकार ने लोगों को सब्सिडी रेट पर एयर कंडीशनर वितरण करने का विचार किया है.

प्रधानमंत्री AC योजना

इस योजना को हम प्रधानमंत्री AC योजना के नाम से भी बुला सकते हैं. इस योजना के अंतर्गत जो ऐसी वितरित किए जाएंगे, उनकी कीमत बाजार में उपलब्ध ऐसी से 15 से 20% कम होगी। इसके साथ ही यह ऐसी 5 स्टार किसी होंगे जोकि, बिजली की बचत भी अधिक मात्रा में करेंगे। इन एसी में यह खासियत है कि यह 35 से 40% बिजली को बचाने का काम करते हैं. इस योजना में जो इसे उपलब्ध कराए जाएंगे उन पर सरकार 5 वर्ष तक की वारंटी प्रदान करेगी। जिससे कि आपको भविष्य में किसी भी प्रकार की कोई परेशानी ना हो. पीएम मोदी AC स्कीम 2019 के बारे में अधिक जानकारी नीचे संक्षेप में पढ़ें।

Some basic features of pradhan Mantri Modi AC Yojana 2019.

The main feature of the PM Modi AC Yojana 2019 is the rate of of AC is 15 to 20% less as compared to the other AC.

The all distribution of air condition will be under the eesl company.

If we talk about the quality of air condition then all the AC having 5 star ratings.

According to official website this AC will reduce your your electricity bill up to 35 to 40% as compared to normal AC.

So to install this PM Modi air condition will give you two type of benefit. One it is energy efficient and second one its rate is is very less.

If you have an old AC have high energy consumption, then you can exchange your old and with new one under PM Modi AC Yojana.

If we talk about warranty, then the warranty. is 1 to 5 years.

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Eligibility criteria of PM Modi AC Scheme 2019.

This is a very beneficial scheme for all the Indians which is started by central government. The EESL company is the main operator of this whole project. So government give some eligibility criteria. The main motive of Central Government to provide benefit of this scheme to every family.

  • The person who is having an Aadhaar card and a citizen of India is is applicable to take benefit of the scheme.
  • Only one AC will be issued on one house Electricity meter. So the AC will be issued on the name of meter owner.
  • In one house 1 AC will be distributed under PM Modi AC Yojana 2019.

PM Modi Air Conditioner Registration

To Do registration for PM Modi Air Conditioner, you need to visit the official website of EESL. On this website you can fill the Registration Form. Please Click here to read more. for More updates on EESL AC Booking, Price or Rate and Launch Date and How to Buy it please follow official portal.

These are the basic details of Pradhan Mantri AC yojana 2019. In this AC the basic temperature which is set by the company is 24 to 26 degree. In other countries like Japan this temperature will be 28 degree. Because in India the outside temperature will be raise up to 48 to 50 degree in summer. So this default temperature help small families to stay in their house safely. We hope that you will take benefit of PM Modi AC Scheme 2019. If you have any questions then you can ask in the comment section.


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