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Hey everyone. Central government of India has announced to open 10 thousand CNG pump in all over the country. The announcement was made on 20th December 2018. This will create business opportunities to the people. People can get CNG Pump Dealership 2020 by applying online for it. These pumps will be as profitable as petrol pump. Almost half dozen of companies are involved in Compressed Natural Gas dealership business. These companies will provide the Franchise of CNG in a over the country. To get the licence of the CNG Petrol Pump Dealership people have to follow the conditions of these companies. In this article we will provide answer to the CNG Filling Station Dealership 2020 related questions such as How to open CNG Pump? Conditions to open the Compressed Natural Gas Pump?  How to obtain Licence for CNG Pump Dealership? Where will you get information about how to open cng pump and How to Apply for CNG Pumps Franchise?

CNG Pump Dealership 2020

Under Modi Government (BJP) Petroleum Minister announced that by the year 2030 we will open 10,000 CNG Pump Stations in all over the India. As we all know petrol and diesel prices are increasing day by day this leads to rise in the market of Compressed Natural Gas vehicle. CNG Pump business will be beneficiary by that logic for present. After that announcement made by Petroleum Minister Dharmandera Pradhan about CNG Pumps people are interested in opening the CNG Pump and looking for CNG Pump Dealership. In this article we will provide such people information about how they can apply for the CNG Filling Station Dealership 2020 and take the benefit of it.

Eligibility Criteria for Getting a CNG Pump

People need to fulfill certain eligibility criteria which are mentioned in the article below along with the other important information about the dealership. Thus keep reading this article till the end to know all about CNG Pump Distributorship.

  • Person must be permanent resident of India.
  • For the CNG New Pump person required minimum of 10th pass as education qualification.
  • Age limit for the eligibility is 21 years to 55 years.
CNG Pump Dealership
  • Person who is looking to get the dealership will get the preference if have safety knowledge and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Also person require a land criteria which is mentioned in below passage.

CNG Pump Dealership Land/ Plot Eligibility Criteria

  • The land person is thinking to open the CNG Pump must be free from any dispute.
  • Land/Plot must be on the name the applicant.
  • Also the land should be in such location that it is well connected to highways or main roads.
  • If land is in the transmission line of company it will be better for applicant.
  • The dimensions required for the plot/land are 700 sq. meters for LMVs (Light Motor Vehicles) with approx 25 meters frontage. For Transport Vehicles plot/land dimensions are 1500 sq. meters with approx. 50 meters of frontage. Some companies also demands 1600 sq meters with approx 35 meters frontage as well.
  • Plot / land must fulfill requirements of bylaws of authority.

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CNG Filling station Dealership 2020 Licence Cost/ Investment Required

As we mentioned earlier around half dozen companies are in the business of CNG and they will provide the dealership, thus the cost will depend on individual company. Still according to an estimate the cost to open CNG Pump in cities along with highways will be around Rs 50 lakhs. Addition to this applicant also has to invest on hiring manpower, equipment and some extra cost for other things. After all these expanses applicant also has to pay licence fee and application form fee which is different for different company. Applicant will get these details from the brochure of companies.

Companies Those Distribute / Provide CNG Dealership 

  1. Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL)
  2. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL)
  3. Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL)
  4. Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL)
  5. Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Limited (GSPC)
  6. Mahanagar Natural Gas Limited (MNGL)
  7. Indo-Bright Petroleum Private Limited (IBP)

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CNG Pump Dealership Advertisement / Apply Online

Those people who are interested in obtaining the CNG Pump Dealership they need to know that every company in the business of Compressed Natural Gas issues an brochure or advertisement in newspapers or in their official websites. Interested people can apply for the CNG Filling Station Dealership 2020 on the locations preferred by the companies in their advertisement. Thus, applicants have to submit their application form if they possess land at mentioned sites. The official website of some companies are given below. Also there are some other companies which you can stay in touch with. The official website of few companies is as follows:

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Indraprastha Gas Limited:- http://www.iglonline.net/

GSPC Group Limited:- http://www.gspcgroup.com/

GAIL India Limited:- http://www.gailonlne.com/

Indo Bright Petroleum Limited:- http://www.ibpgas.in/

MGNL Pune:- http://www.mngl.in

Adani Gas:- https://www.adanigas.com/cng

ESSAR CNG Dealership:- https://www.essar.com/oil-gas/

That is all about CNG Pump Dealership 2020 as of now. For the latest updates about other government schemes stay tuned with us. Also like and share us on Facebook, to show your support. For any questions related to this post comment us in the below provided comment section.

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